Designer / Animator | 动态影像设计师
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A young artist, dissatisfied with her efforts to draw, opens a portal that absorbs her within the pages of her sketchbook. There, she journeys through her subconscious mind in order to find inspiration. She confronts inner demons, comes to terms with her fears, and celebrates the power hidden inside her. Told through a combination of 2d, stop-motion, and 3d animation, Aether is a love letter to those who have ever struggled with a creative block.
Produced at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

3D Environment Design and Animation 

I was honor to be part of 3D environment artist for this film, I was brief by director Sabrina Chaney to create a 3D low poly environment for the film. I started to model and animate the camera movement base on the storyboard. Below are some of my process of the 3D environment. 


Official Selection - Rockport Film Festival
Official Selection - Grenada Afterglow Film Festival
Official Selection - Savannah Film Festival
Official Selection - Supernova Outdoor Digital Animation and Art Festival
Official Selection & Finalist - Los Angeles CineFest